Peter Quinn


This is an archive of strategic design and exploratory work by Peter Quinn.


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Great creative can be a powerful catalyst. It has the power to inspire, educate, persuade, or even mobilize people to bring about real and significant change. I see my role as a designer, regardless of medium or scale of project, not only as a communicator,
influencer, and strategist, but as a cultural agent and social provocateur.

Below is a diagram that shows a view of an integrated view illustrating how content can be the connection between a brand and its audience. Done well, it becomes the catalyst to a long and successful relationship. At any given moment you may be focusing on the development of one of many channels, it’s important to keep all communications speaking from a unified brand voice.

It has become clear, with the advent of digital and social media, that audiences are now partly driving the ship. A creative content strategy can successfully tie a brand or campaign to audiences in a meaningful way that may even influence the direction of the business strategy moving forward. This is where I come in. My knowledge of messaging and experience applying brand messaging can help any organization develop a strong brand content strategy to use to retain, recruit, promote, persuade, or engage.


On The Art of Experimentation

There is a duality to the way we approach all conceptual development. It’s often the case that the experimental informs the paid work, and the paid work informs experimental. Although most works in this site are client-based, it is important to acknowledge how influential independent experimentation can be to any project. See below for my exhibition experience and examples of application.

Exhibition Experience

2014 Poster Heroes@ The Others Fair, Turin, Italy
2013   Poster Heroes, Biennale Democrazia, Turin, Italy
2013   Radio, Group Show, Madison, Wisconsin
2010   Midway Exhibit, Curator, Artscape, Baltimore, MD
2008   Kuala Lumpur, Malasia, Creative Capitalism
2008   Capitalism, Performance at Whitney Biennial , Neighborhood Public Radio
2008   Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in Nagoya, Japan.
2007   Protest Gallery, America For Sale, Manhattan, N.Y.
1997   WPA, Exchange Show, Artist/Curator, Washington D.C.
2006   Creative Allliance, Holy Crap, Baltimore, MD.
2006   Commonwealth Gallery, Group Group, Madison WI
2006   Current Gallery, Notebook, Baltimore, Maryland
2006   Bureau Gallery, PrintRoom, Salford England
2005   Witte De With Center for Contemporary Art, PrintRoom, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2005   ArtScape, Friends and Friends of Friends, Baltimore, Maryland.
2004   G-spot, two person show, Baltimore, Maryland.
2000   October Gallery, One man show. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1997   The Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), Options, Washington D.C.
1996   The Washington Project for the Arts (WPA), Surveillance, Washington D.C

Here is a video clip of collaborative experiment we did for the Whitney Biennial opening in 2008. We were invited to be interviewed by one of that year’s participating artist groups called Neighborhood Public Radio. We chose to take advantage of the moment and make the interview one of our performances. We took our brand, Creative Captialism, and carried the word “CAPITALISM” from Wall Street to the Whitney, ending at the interview.


capitalism NYC subway from Creative Capitalism on Vimeo.

This is a video that was made using the music my band Lo Moda created. Our music was used for a fall line runway in Paris and YSL selected this from our record to use as the music of the video that launched Kate Moss as their new spokesmodel.